Alyssa Elbridge, CPT

Alyssa Elbridge, CPT

Alyssa Elbridge, CPT

Movement Educator

Locations: TCOM – Linden Hills, TCOM – Embrace North


Continuing Education & Treatment Expectations


Foundation Training Certified Instructor

Trauma Informed Personal Trainer Certification levels 1, 2, and 3


Alyssa has been a NASM certified CPT since 2018. While she works with clients of all types and abilities, Alyssa was inspired by her own fitness journey to offer a Trauma Informed approach to movement education and personal training. Alyssa’s approach is body inclusive, HAES aligned, and she takes an active stance against societal constructs and fitness culture that place the value and worth of a human in cosmetic differences or the amount of sweat you produce, and instead prioritizes connecting to the individual needs of your body and honoring your nervous system. 


Not only is Alyssa trained to work with people who have various strength, mobility, and wellness goals, she is also trained to recognize how trauma lives in the body and how that may come up during a movement session. Her Trauma Informed approach is one of compassion, curiosity, and collaboration, as she emphasizes that a person has a choice in what their experience of movement and fitness is. 


Her experience working with the human body began with children with developmental disabilities. Since 2012, she has closely collaborated with therapists and other professionals to create and implement full time at-home strategies for the children in her care to build on existing physical capabilities, create environments to support movement development, and stimulate connections within the body to gain strength and confidence in their movement and daily activities. This experience inspired Alyssa to want to support a greater number of humans in honoring the individuality of human health, discovering the healing power of movement, and working with the nervous system to develop a sense of safety, connection, and strength within the body that carries over into the world outside of a movement session. 


When she’s not working, Alyssa can usually be found in the mountains with her husband, or snuggling with her dog or tiny human friends!