Alyssa Elbridge, CPT

Alyssa Elbridge, CPT

Alyssa Elbridge, CPT

Movement Educator

Locations: TCOM – Uptown, TCOM – TwinTown Fitness Studio


Continuing Education & Treatment Expectations


Foundation Training Certified Instructor

Animal Flow-In Progress


Alyssa grew up on a small farm in southern Minnesota, where movement was part of her everyday life. Her journey with exercise and fitness had a confusing and frustrating start, which left her feeling helpless and defective at a young age. The turning point in her journey came when she embraced the fact that she did not want to fit the picture of “health” that she was expected to achieve by those around her. For Alyssa, movement and strength became a way to overcome trauma and reconnect to the human inside.

Her experience working with the human body began with children with developmental disabilities. Over the last 8 years, she has closely collaborated with therapists and other professionals to create and implement full time at-home strategies for the children in her care to build on existing physical capabilities, create environments to support movement development, and stimulate connections within the body to gain strength and confidence in their movement and daily activities. This experience inspired Alyssa to want to support a greater number of humans in honoring the individuality of human health, discovering the power of movement, and building strength into their journey.

Alyssa has now been a NASM certified Personal Trainer for over two years and spent most of that time working in a chiropractic clinic setting, where she coached movement and strength training to individuals looking to supplement their chiropractic treatment and active lifestyles by gaining strength and resilience through strength training, including those in chronic pain or injury recovery. She is also certified in Foundation Training and Animal Flow.

Alyssa is passionate about enabling individuals to feel capable, strong, empowered, and accepted exactly as they are, at whatever point life has brought them to, and believes that healthy movement can be simple, accessible, and life-changing. Alyssa believes in the uniqueness of each wellness journey and that movement and exercise can be a powerful piece of a puzzle that looks different for everyone.

When she’s not working, Alyssa can usually be found in the mountains with her husband, or hanging out with her tiny human friends!