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Education & empowerment is at the core of what we do at The Center of Movement. We are a wellness crew here to support you and your family’s path to healing so you can achieve the quality of life you deserve. 


Let your movement be your antidote. 

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What is F3?

[F3] Represents 3 pillars of health. These three pillars are equally important and directly correlate with one another. Balance in these three areas is key to improve health and happiness. These three pillars are Frame, Fuel and Focus.




Your frame plays a major role in the over-all health of your body. Quality daily movement, improvement of posture, core control and breathing are all essential for a fluid and resilient body. Frame represents your physical health.


What we fuel our bodies with plays a major role in achieving our health goals. The food we eat and the fluids we consume are vital in our bodies ability to function at its optimal rate. Fuel represents quality nutrition and hormone regulation.


Focus relates to mental stresses that can affect quality of sleep, how we manage our time, and how we function in personal and professional relationships. Focus represents mindfulness and management of emotional stress.

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