Tiffany June

Tiffany June

Tiffany June


Locations: TCOM – Golden Valley (Crossfit City of Lakes)

Continuing Education & Treatment Expectations

East West Therapeutic Bodywork AAS Degree

Advanced Asian Bodywork Therapy

Functional Range Conditioning-Certified

Kinesiology Taping in Movement-Certified

Craniosacral Therapy

Holistic Health Counselor AADP-Certified

ERYT 1000 Hr Yoga Teacher

Threes Physiyoga Method Teacher

Pre and Post Natal Yoga-Certified

Functional Anatomy in Yoga-Certified


Tiffany’s love of the human form started in 2005 when she completed her first 200hr Yoga training and she has been hooked on the path of body and movement education ever since. Tiffany has a wealth of experience and training in various modalities including: Yoga, Conscious Embodiment, Holistic Ayurvedic Counseling, AAS Therapeutic Bodywork, Functional Range Conditioning, and PhysiYoga to name a few.

Her rigorous study of the human body has led her to understand the body as an autobiography, unconsciously written in the present moment with past thoughts, emotions and movements that linger to distort the body and mind. She believes that with a nuanced understanding of how the body works, you can more consciously become the author of your body’s story with movement, bodywork and breath as both the pencil AND eraser. Tiffany’s desire is to give each client, or student the tools necessary to facilitate the limitless transformation that movement & bodywork can bring. When she’s not teaching, seeing bodywork clients or experimenting with movement in her own body, she is likely playing in nature, walking the lakes, trail running, slack-lining, paddling boarding, climbing and hanging anywhere she can.